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Time: 2015/9/20
Product quality commitment:
1, our company guarantee for the supplied goods are brand new, unused and in the production of first-class, and fully meet the requirements of the same quality.      
2, strict inspection Chad, and control of raw materials, components, fittings into the factory quality.      
3, ensure the supplied equipment processing technology, detection means complete perfect.The factory products without defects.      
4, according to the provisions of the contract to the buyer or the supervisor units provide the relevant departments of the standard and drawings, and provide convenience for the buyer and the supervisor, the quality of equipment, the time limit for a project for the whole process of tracking.      
5, the quality of equipment in the manufacturing process of defects timely inform the buyer and the supervisor, not conceal.      
6, is provided by the equipment in the process of manufacture, transportation, loading and unloading guarantee, in the event of an accident, we will according to buyer's demand for supplied equipment as soon as possible for free replacement and repair, until the buyer satisfaction.      
7, in the process of unpacking found missing parts and components for other causes of lost, we are responsible for free by filling the zero department as soon as possible
8, if sign a contract, the acknowledgement will be part of the contract, the contract have equal legal effect.      

After-sales service system:
1, product inspection certificate and the instruction for use, in order to ensure that the user can use the products of our company installed correctly.      
2, our company guarantee the factory's products are in accordance with relevant national standards for production and inspection, unqualified products will never leave the factory.Ensure strict cash performance, products three guarantees, strictly implement the relevant provisions of the national industrial product after-sales service.On consignment products, within 12 months, if the buyer can confirm the product is accord with the company correct installation and use of the proposed approach, can confirm the product itself is design, materials or machining defects, and put forward a written application to the company, the company responsible for defect product recall free maintenance, replacement or a full refund in accordance with the order price.3, customer quality of the products of our company, the company guarantee within 24 hours after receiving the user object to deal with.If need to the scene to solve, keep impressing sent professional technical service personnel, and quality problems don't resolve service personnel to evacuate.For each user
Feedback the quality issue of product and processing results I company will be in the archive.Equipment to be present, our company will arrange debugging personnel, according to the requirement of the user for installation of the early work, assist with installation.After the installation of equipment, our operation, debugging personnel will conduct classes until the device can be put into normal operation.      
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